In Other Parts of the World: Toronto Police Shooting

18-year-old  Sammy Yatim was killed in a police shooting on 27 July, 2013. Yatim was on a streetcar (public transport) having a confrontation with the police while holding a knife. The standoff ended after a 6-year veteran police officer James Forcillo fired 9 shots into Yatim. Yatim was further tased after the shooting once a police sergeant arrived with the equipment. Following videos about the shooting are not for the faint-hearted:


Police brutality? Very much so. Here is the protest:

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3 Responses to In Other Parts of the World: Toronto Police Shooting

  1. Bill 說道:

    It is an unlawful homicide. Even the first 3 shoots were unnecessary according to HK standard. There was no real threat. The deceased did not dash down the bus to attack the police. It was such a shameful incident.

  2. C 說道:

    North American police shoot to kill. The circumstances are similar to the shooting death of Edmond Yu in Toronto in Feb. 1997 — on a streetcar, minimal threat to police safety. Toronto Police never learned from that incident.


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