In Other Parts of the World: Bradley Manning Trial

In order to let some Hong Kong people know that there is a world beyond their tiny little city (sigh), I’m going to post some international headlines here from time to time. I’m not a journalist, so don’t expect in-depth reporting (And I’m not getting paid for this).

The Bradley Manning Trial begins today. Bradley Manning, a 25 year-old intelligence specialist in the US Army from Oklahoma, faces a potential life imprisonment sentence for leaking information that showcases US military’s atrocities, including a video that shows an U.S. Apache helicopter attack that killed civilians in 2007, to WikiLeaks. Manning has already pleaded guilty to other charges that will land him up-to-20 years in prison. Today’s trial is around the charge of “aiding the enemy". If found guilty, Manning could be imprisoned for life.

The following is the video in question (warning, not for the faint-hearted):


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2 Responses to In Other Parts of the World: Bradley Manning Trial

  1. Bill 說道:

    Manning has been adequately dealt with in his previous pleas. He should not be tried for this espionage charge. He was facing a dilemma of being accused a traitor or out of his conscience to leak the materials to stop further atrocities.

    I am always critical of Uncle Sam, not because I do not pursue democracy. I always want people to open their eyes to see the reality instead of being a blind worshipper of the Big Brother. The nature of this trial is analogous to that of the people exposing materials in China to show the atrocities of the communists. While the HK people just chant what they desire to see and worship with their blinkers on, the good deeds of the Big Brother and turn a blind eye to the obvious fact of misdeeds.

    To many, HK is the centre of the world, a back stepping for thousand years to the ancient dynasties. Microcosm overshadows the macrocosmic universe.

    • 山中 說道:

      Apparently, the guilty pleas weren’t enough to the Obama Administration, whose chief has a Nobel Peace Prize under his belt. I hope the sense of irony isn’t lost on him. Manning is being made an example of, this much is very clear.

      I don’t think the people of Hong Kong truly understand democracy. It’s become a buzzword to them.


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