Oh the Stupidity! China Air Pollution Edition

Via New York Times:

Environmental officials who have resisted releasing comprehensive data about air pollution here in the capital announced that they would take action to address increasing complaints that the government’s monitoring system fails to report on the most dangerous airborne particles emitted by the growing ranks of cars and trucks.

The city’s environmental bureau currently releases data on pollutants, but many environmentalists and scientists say the more dangerous particles, those smaller than 2.5 micrometers, or PM 2.5, are left out of the daily assessments.

The punchline:

The action: allowing 40 people to tour the source of the frustration, Beijing’s monitoring center, once a week.

The logic here must be that if I had nothing better to do and if I took the time and energy to visit the monitoring center via public transports, I would increase air quality with that action…Everybody visits the monitoring center now!!


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