Has the Cameron Government No Shame?

Utterly disgusting, the Cameron government is really thuggish and undemocratic. Via New York Times: “British Leader Seeks Public Housing Evictions for Rioters and Their Families".

The government is throwing due process out the window:

The proposals would reinforce other hard-line measures the prime minister has outlined. Sensing widespread public support for a harsh crackdown on the rioters and an expansion of police powers, Mr. Cameron has backed the “speedy justice” that has hastened hundreds of suspects through round-the-clock courts, some of them drawing stiff prison sentences for even minor cases of looting.

And draining Human Rights and Rule of Law down the toilet:

And one, in Wandsworth, said it had started the process of evicting a woman whose teenage son was convicted in the rioting. A petition on a government Web site for a proposal to authorize public housing evictions drew more than 100,000 signatures within 48 hours.

And divorcing reality:

Asked how those so penalized would live, Mr. Pickles responded, “They could get a job.”

Look, rioters deserve to be caught and punished, but with the normal justice system that places due process at its core to prevent unjust, unfair and unproportional treatments, not with the “speedy justice" that Cameron government is doing now! That’s what the Chinese government does!

Rule of Law demands that punishment only placed on those who are responsible for the crime, not on his friends, family and others. That’s the basic tenet of every democratic country’s legal system: principle of proportionality. The woman is not responsible for his son’s crime and she cannot be punished based on this reason. Justice demands a fair trial on her son with only the sentence stated in the law regarding the specific criminal act, and due process still applies. You cannot suddenly add something to the sentence!

And Mr. Pickles (this guy is obviously living in a jar), nice of you rich douchebag to tell people to get a job when the economy is horribly depressed! And when you have made it more so by your austerity measures!


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