Who is the better killer: God or Satan?

Jerry Coyne is following the competition.

Estimate of God’s killings ranged from 2,476,636 to 24,634,205 and counting. On the other hand, Satan has only 10 confirmed kills-that’s due to a bet with God-and 50 unconfirmed kills. See the breakdown of God’s killings here.

The Christian God, if he existed, is by far the better killer, hands down.


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2 Responses to Who is the better killer: God or Satan?

  1. latsot 說道:

    Satan killed Job’s servants as well. Perhaps he had 24,634,206 servants.

    Hard to chalk those deaths up to Satan alone though, since he only did it because god challenged him to on a drunken bet.

  2. 山中 說道:

    That’s the problem, unlike god, Satan has no spotter so we don’t know how many servants he killed.

    And he only did that because of a drunken bet (could even be a dare, we can’t know for sure). It’s highly probable that God fooled Satan into doing the deed for him. Such a rookie mistake.

    Overall, Satan is very unprofessional.



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