Justice is Blind, but sometimes It is also Blindly Unjust

Via the Crooked Timber.

Mr. Thompson, who was wrongfully accused of murder and imprisoned for 18 year, 14 years of which were spent on death row, and faced multiple executions schedule, was denied his $14 million compensation for the violation of his brady rights at the US Supreme court hearing. The reasoning, according to the majority conservative judges, was that the D.A. has no responsibility in training his prosecutors to follow the constitution, even thought the prosecutors had admitted themselves that they have done a great injustice to Thompson.

At the other side of the pond, we have another peculiar case of one Lord Denning:

Lord Denning’s immortal words about the Birmingham Six. When the Six applied for aid to sue the police for beating their confessions out of them, Denning dismissed their request on the grounds that if the accusation were true they would therefore be innocent, and the British public would face the “appalling vista” of a corrupt Justice system. The fact that the accusations were true, and the Six innocent, was neither here nor there. It was the appearance of the thing.

And that was said in 1980, 31 years ago. One would think the democratic world has already moved passed that kind of injustice, but apparently it hasn’t. Fortunately, Mr. Thompson survived the death row, otherwise, we would have another Niclola and Bart case here.


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